“Kendall Rileigh is a rare and irresistible combination of sharp intelligence, trustworthiness, versatility, and exceptional talent. She has a wonderful, generous energy, a graceful and striking presence, and a strong work ethic. Kendall also happens to be one of the funniest people I've ever met. She meets the world with a smile and adversity with calm. I give her my highest recommendation.”
    — Tovah Feldshuh, Four-time Tony-nominated actress

“I directed Kendall in Israel Zangwill's The Melting Pot. Kendall is a dedicated, bold, and generous actor who takes direction and runs with it. She has strong comic and dramatic technique as well as a great facility for dialects. Her professionalism is an asset to any company she works with. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.”
    — Robert Kalfin, Broadway Director, Founder / Artistic Director of NY Chelsea Theater Center

"It was a distinct pleasure to work with Kendall Rileigh. Her work is emotionally supple, clear, and honest. Kendall would be an asset to any production."
    — Will Pomerantz, Director

“I directed Kendall in The Lonesome West as Girleen, a character she brought to vivid life in a rich, engaging performance. Kendall brings imagination, intelligence, extraordinary talent, an affinity for risk, a captivating presence, positive professional attitude, and lots of hard work to a role. I recommend her as an artist and collaborator and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”
    — Frank Kuhn, Director

“Kendall Rileigh illuminates a character’s soul and brings talent, courage, and passion to the acting profession.”
    — Jodi Leib, Film Director / Screenwriter / Producer

“Kendall Rileigh is one of those dream actors a director will want to work with again and again. She takes her art very seriously and respects the work of her colleagues. She fills her work with meaning and regards it with the utmost importance and integrity. Her priority is telling the story, and she works to get to the heart of the matter, the meat of the thing.
    Kendall is not afraid in the working room. She consistently goes beyond her boundaries, asks hard questions, and challenges herself and her colleagues. She has the work ethic of a horse.
    Kendall has a tremendous amount of patience. She takes an idea and builds upon it, and at the end of the working day there is a mountain of discoveries she has made, one on top of the other. She also has a giving spirit as well as a receptive one. She offers her ideas to her colleagues and soaks up the inspiration around her like a sponge.
    Kendall is a rare bird. She brings her whole self to the table — her experiences, wonderings, talents, and spirit. She is the most genuine person I have encountered. When you see her perform you detect that quality, that quest to seek the truth and that commitment to revealing it.”
    — Cara Scarmack, Director